Optical brightener for plastics paints coating detergent textiles

What are Fluorescent Whitening Agents

fluorescent whitening agent for plastics paints coating detergent textiles
Optical brightener for plastic paints coating detergent textiles

Fluorescent Whitening Agents (FWAs)s also known as fluorescent brighteners or optical brighteners, are organic compounds in the textile industry to achieve satisfactory whiteness or increase brightness in light-colored fabrics after bleaching. By utilizing optical effects, FWAs significantly enhance the whiteness and brightness of treated materials. They are also widely used in papermaking, plastics, synthetic detergents, etc.

The Fluorescent whitening Agents in the global market

There are now over fifteen types of FWA produced worldwide, with over a thousand commercial varieties. The total annual production exceeds 100,000 tons, accounting for around 12% of the total dye production. FWAs have been in use for over eighty years since their introduction by I.G. in 1939. While early synthesized products have been phased out, newer chemical structures still make practical value.

We can apply Fluorescent Whitening Agents to various fibers like dyeing agents. At cellulose fibers, they function like direct dyes for paper, cotton, linen, and viscose fibers. On protein fibers like wool, they behave like acid dyes, while on acrylic fibers, they mimic cationic dyes. On polyester and acetate fibers, they function like dispersed dyes.

Recent demands in the textile industry require Fluorescent Whitening Agents with acid and alkali resistance to facilitate simultaneous whitening and resin finishing, simplifying dyeing processes, reducing wastewater, and conserving energy.

Future directions for Fluorescent Whitening Agents include transforming amorphous products into crystalline ones to enhance purity and effectiveness. Multi-component FWAs are gaining attention for their synergistic whitening effects. Additionally, improving the dye fastness of FWAs, especially against sunlight, and enhancing sublimation resistance on synthetic fibers are critical research areas.

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