Optical brightening agents for textiles
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How to use optical brightening agents in Textiles

Optical brightening agents, also called fluorescent brightening agents, optical brighteners are chemical compounds widely used to whiten textiles. It can absorb ultraviolet light and convert it into blue or purple light, thereby enhancing the brightness of white or light-colored fabrics.

optical brightening agents

The following are the main steps to whiten textiles using optical brighteners:

  1. Choose the appropriate optical brightening agents for textiles. Different types of textiles require different types of optical brighteners. Therefore, when selecting optical brighteners, the type and color of the textiles must be considered.
  2. Add the optical brightening agents to the dye or bleach. Brightening agents must be used with the dye or bleach to ensure that it is evenly distributed in the textile.
  3. Soak the textiles in the dye or bleach. In the process of using brightening agents, it is necessary to ensure that the textiles are fully soaked in the dye or bleach to ensure that the brightening agents are fully distributed.
  4. Rinse the textiles with clean water. After using brightening agents, the textiles must be thoroughly rinsed with clean water to remove excess brightening agents and dyes.
  5. Dry the textiles. Finally, dry the textiles to ensure the best whitening effect.

It should be noted that safety must be considered during the process of using brightening agents. Fluorescent whitening agents are chemical substances that may be harmful to human health. Therefore, when using fluorescent whitening agents, the correct safety procedures must be followed.

We hope this simple guide can help you understand how to whiten textiles using fluorescent whitening agents.

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