Optical brighteners for plastics are a kind of fluorescent dye, also called fluorescent brightening agents, optical brightening agents, fluorescent whitening agents, white dyes, or colorless dyes. It is widely used in the plastic industry. An optical brightener for plastic must have the following properties:

(1) The whitening effect should be good.

(2) High-temperature stability.

(3) has a high sublimation fastness and sunlight and other weather fastnesses.

(4) Good compatibility with plastics and good dispersion in them.

(5) solvent resistance, migration resistance, and chemical stability should be good, with no exudation and extraction.

(6) The processing of plastics (such as fluidity, lubrication, printing, and finishing) and the use of performance (such as electrical properties, physical and mechanical properties, aging resistance, etc.) have no effect.

(7) It should have chemical resistance, electrical insulation, etc.

(8) should be non-toxic, and odorless.

The above points are general requirements for optical brighteners for plastic. Actually, few optical brighteners have all these requirements. So in the actual usage, clients should choose the best-matched optical brighteners depending on the purpose and specific circumstances.

Shandong Grand Chemical Co.,  Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of optical brighteners for plastics.

Currently, the most commonly used optical brighteners for plastics are OB, OB-1, FP-127, KCB, KSN, KSB, PF, ER-I, and ER-II etc. Welcome to inquiry

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