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How to use optical brighteners in plastics

Optical brighteners, also known as fluorescent whitening agents (FWAs), are additives that can be used in plastic production to enhance the brightness and whiteness of plastic products. Here are the steps to use optical brighteners in plastics production:

optical brighteners for plastics whitening

1. Choose the best suitable optical brighteners for the plastics

There are many kinds of optical brighteners for plastics usage. While the working temperatures and whitening strength are various. Firstly we should choose the best suitable brighteners depending on the feature of the plastics production.

2. Determine the appropriate concentration of optical brightener:

The concentration of the brighteners to be used depends on the type of plastic and the desired level of whiteness. It is important to follow the recommended concentration levels provided by the manufacturer.

3. Add the optical brightener to the plastic resin:

Optical brighteners can be added to the plastic resin during the compounding stage. They can also be added during the extrusion or injection molding stage, depending on the specific production process.

4. Mix thoroughly:

Once the optical brightener is added, the plastic resin should be mixed thoroughly to ensure an even distribution of the additive.

5. Check for compatibility:

Optical brighteners may not be compatible with all types of plastic resins. Therefore, it is important to check for compatibility before adding the additive to the plastic resin.

6. Test the product:

After the plastic product is produced, it should be tested to ensure that the desired level of whiteness has been achieved.

7. Follow safety guidelines:

When handling optical brighteners, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s safety guidelines. It can be harmful if ingested, inhaled, or come into contact with the skin.

In summary, adding optical brighteners to plastics production is a relatively simple process that can enhance the brightness and whiteness of plastic products. However, it is important to use the appropriate concentration of the additive and to follow safety guidelines when handling the additive.

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