Optical brightener for plastics paints coating detergent textiles

The synonyms of “Optical brightener”

Optical brightener for plastics paints coating detergent textiles
Optical brightener for plastic paints coating detergent textiles

Here are some synonyms and related terms for ” optical brightener

optical brightener

Fluorescent brightener

Fluorescent dye

Whitening additive

Optical brightening agent

Optical brightening compound

Fluorescent whitening agent

Optical bleaching agent

Fluorescent brightening agent

Fluorescent whitener

Brightening agent

Optical whitener

Optical bleach

Whitening agent

Fluorescent brightener

Optical bleach

Optical brightening dye

Optical brightening additive

Optical brightening chemical

These terms are often used in products and materials designed to enhance brightness and whiteness, such as in the plastics, paints, textiles, paper, and detergents industry.

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