The color shades of optical brighteners in textiles

Optical brighteners show different fluorescent tones due to different wavelengths, and the tones are sometimes called color shades or tints.

Currently, the main color shades of optical brighteners are pure white, red, red-blue, red-violet, green, green-blue, blue-violet, cyan, cyan violet, and violet. In actual usage, we should choose the appropriate optical brighteners according to the different degrees of yellowing of the fabric.

Sometimes with the same optical brightener to deal with different fabrics, will get a different color shade. Some people don’t like pure white and prefer white with a certain shade or tint. Chinese people like cyan, and Americans like red. The corneas of Europeans are slightly green as if they are wearing colored glasses, so their preference for colors is naturally different from that of Asians.

In actual usage, the optical brighteners’ tone is often not obvious enough, often need to add a small amount of dye to make up the color and enhance its color effect. The most commonly used method is to add blue dye, the so-called “blue“.

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