Optical brightener VBL

CAS NO: 12224-06-5

C.I. NO.: 85

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Optical brightener VBL


CAS NO: 12224-06-5

Molecular Formula: C36H34N12Na2O8S

C.I. NO.: 85


Appearance: slight yellow powder

Ionicity: anion

Characteristics: with light brown shade, soluble in soft water as mush as 80 times weight, 300ppm in hard water.



Soluble in 80times soft water, resistant hard water to 300ppm.

Alkail resistance, can bath with anion surface active agent.

Not fastness to copper iron, can not bath with cationic dyestuff and surface active agent.



  1. Whitening of cotton and light color fabrics.
  2. Whitening of pulp and paper.
  3. Whitening of vinylon, chinlon products.
  4. Whitening of synthetic detergent.


Recommended dosage:

  1. 1-0.2% for cotton dip-dyeing; 0.5-3g/L for pad dyeing; 1-2g/L for starching;
  2. Paper making: 0.2-0.5%;
  3. Synthetic detergent: 0.1-0.5%


Package & storage

N.W. 25kg fiber drum, kraft bag or PE bag. Transport as non-hazardous.