Optical brightener BAC-L

Product Name: Optical brightener BAC-L

Main Ingredient: Benzimidazole derivatives

CI.: 363

CAS No: 95078-19-6 / 175203-22-6

Synonyms: Uvitex BAC-L (Huntsman), Ultraphor ACK, Leucophor ACK, Ultraphor PAC (DyStar), BGA (CIBA), optical brightener 363, OBA 363, OBA ACK etc.

Application: Widely used for whitening of acrylic fiber and its blends.

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  1. Properties of optical brightener BAC-L

Molecular Formula: C10H4CI2F3O4S3

Appearance: light brown liquid

Shade: Slightly blue-violet shade

Ionicity: cationic

Ph value: 4-6

  1. Synonyms:

Uvitex BAC-L (Huntsman), Ultraphor ACK, Leucophor ACK, Ultraphor PAC (DyStar), BGA (CIBA), optical brightener 363, OBA 363, OBA ACK, etc.

    3. Feature:

Optical brightener BAC-L has a slightly blue-violet shade. It is suitable for acrylic fiber and diacetic acid fabric and its blends. It has strong wash fastness and light fastness and is stable to acid, peroxide, hard water, and chlorite. BAC-L is low toxicity, it can be in direct contact with human skin and is harmless to the human body.

  1. Application and recommended dosage:

Whitening of acrylic and its blended fabrics.

  • Acrylic fabrics with normal process

Dosage: BAC-L  0.2-2.0% o.w.f

Ph=3-4 (Formic acid or acid oxalic adjustment)

Liquor rate: 1:10-20 Temperature*time: 95-98℃ * 30-40mins.

  • Acrylic fabrics with sodium chlorite bleaching process

Doage: BAC-L: 0.2-2.0% o.w.f   Sodium chlorite (85%): 1-2g/L

Sodium nitrate: 1g/L.

Ph= 3-4 (Formic acid or acid oxalic adjustment)

Liquor rate: 1:10-20  Temperature*Time: 95-98℃ * 30-45mins

5 Packaging & Storage

Plastic drum, N.W.  30KGS, 60KGS, 125KGS, IBC tank, or as per client request.
Shelf life: 2 years when properly stored in a closed container at 20℃

6. Transportation and Safty

Avoid inversion, sunlight, moisture, and crash. Avoid damaging the package.
Non Hazardous. Stock as ordinary chemicals. Wear Protective goggles and gloves while using. And avoid direct contact with skin and eyes. Soap clean if the skin is contaminated.

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