Optical brightener NFW


CAS: 27344-41-8

C.I. NO: 351


Appearance: yellow-green powder

Ionicity: Anion

Main ingredient: stilbene derivatives

Shade: slightly violet shade

Counter quality: Uvitex NFW ( Huntsman)



Low appropriate for cotton. High appropriate for wool and silk;

Good pH stability of 2-12;

Good stability to peroxide and reduction bleach.


Application and recommended dosage:

Mainly used for whitening of cotton and nylon fabric with padding process.

Dosage: 0.4-0.5% o.w.f

  1. For nylon and cotton

After reduction bleach process with nylon/cotton blends whitening.

Dosage: NFW 0.1-0.5% o.w.f     sodium sulfate: 2-5g/L

Liquor rate: 1:10-20    Temperature*time: 80-100℃*30-60mins

  1. For wool and silk

After peroxide and reduction bleach process with wool and silk whitening.

Dosage:  NFW 0.1-0.3% o.w.f     pH= 4-6 (acetic acid adjustment)

Liquor rate: 1:10-20     Temperature*time: 60-100℃*20-60mins.


Package and storage

25kg per drum or carton box or as per clients request.

Be stable for 5 years when properly stored in closed container at 20℃