Optical brightener BA


CAS NO: 12768-92-2

C.I. NO: 113

Chemical construction: Styrylbenzene derivative

Appearance: light yellow uniform powder

Fluorescent intensity: 100±3 (equal to standard sample)

Max UV absorption wavelength: 348nm

Performance characteristics:

Bright bluish tone; good acid and alkali resistance; better whitening effect than VBL at pH 4.5-7.


Whitening of cotton, linen, and cellulose fiber as well as cellulose fabrics;

Whitening of paper pulp;

Whitening of light tone cellulose fabrics; synthetic detergent.

Whitening of waterbased paints coatings

Recommended dosage:

Paper-making industry: 0.1-0.3% on dry pulp;

Synthetic detergent: no more than 0.05% in washing powder and no more than 0.1% in liquid detergent.

Water-based paints: 0.025-0.05% in dispersion or defoaming stage.

Package: N.W. 25kg fiber drum, kraft bag, or PE bag.