Optical brightener DT for polyester

Main ingredient: stilbene derivative



Appearance Light yellow slurry
Shade Reddish blue
Solid content ≥2.0
PH (1& aq.sol) 7.0±1.0



Milling with pure PF powder. Water – insoluble, can be diluted with any multiple of water. Excellent resistance with hard water, acid and alkali. Can withstand 160℃ baking. Excellent washing fastness, sunlight fastness and sublimation fastness.



Pad-dyeing hot-melt method

Rate of use: 0-30g/L

Process: two-bath two-pad (pick -up rate 70% )→pre-baking (100℃)→setting (180-190℃, 20-30s)

Note: Scouring is required before dyeing to remove alkali residue.


High-temperature exhaust dyeing method

Rate of use: 1-3% ( q.w.f); bath ratio: 1:10-30;

Dyeing temperature: 80-130℃, 30-45min.

PH: 5-10


Packaging & storage

25kg per plastic drums

6 months storage at room temperature.



Setting temperature is optimum at 180-190℃

Fabrics must be washed to remove alkali after alkali bath.

High dye bath temperature is preferred for better whiteness.