Optical brightener CBS-X

  • Product Name: Optical Brightener CBS-X
  • Chemical Name: 4,4′-bis(2-disulfonic acid styryl) biphenyl
  • C.I. NO.: 351
  • CAS NO.: 27344-41-8
  • Molecular Formula: C28H20O6S2Na2
  • Molecular Weight: 562.60
  • Synonyms: Tinopal CBS, CBS-X. Uvitex NFW. CBS-351, Optical Brightening Agent CBS-X.
  • Application: Widely used in whitening of synthetic detergents liquid/powder, soaps etc.
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  1.  Properties of Optical Brightener CBS-X

    Appearance Light green powder or granule
    Smell: No special smell
    Max UV absorption wavelength, nm 348±1
    1% Extinction coefficient 1105-1181
    Solubility in water:  25C: 25g/L,   70c: 100g/L, 95C: 300g/L
    Insoluble in chlorinated hydrocarbons, but dispersible therein
    Stable in Acid, alkali, sodium hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide, etc.

  2. Synonyms / Alternative

    Tinopal CBS, CBS-X. Uvitex NFW. CBS-351, Optical Brightening Agent CBS-X.

  3. Features:

    Optical Brightener CBS-X is a disulfonic distyrylbiphenyl biphenyl compound, which is the most excellent brightener used in the detergent industry. It can be soluble in water easily and has a better whitener effect on cellulose fiber, polyamide, and proteinic fiber at room temperature. It has a high brightening intensity on cotton cloth as much as 2.7 times diphenylethylene tristriazine derivatives. It has extremely high stability with hypochlorite sodium, it is a bleaching-resistant optical brightener. Due to its excellent water solubility, It can also be used in water-based paints and inks.

  4. Application & Recommend Dosage:

    Used in the detergent industry and soap industry.
    Recommended dosage :
    Common washing powder: 0.02-0.05%        Soap:0.01-0.05%
    Concentrated washing powder: 0.05-0.2%   Soft agent of fabric fiber: 0.01-0.05%
    Liquid detergent: 0.05-0.2%                            Washing syrup: 0.02-0.05%
    Water-based paint: 0.01-0.05%

  5. Packing & Storage25KG fiber drum lined with a double-layer plastic bag.
    Stored in a cool, dry, and ventilated place, the storage term should not exceed 2 years.
  6. Transportation and Safty

Avoid inversion, sunlight, moisture, and crash. Avoid damaging the package.
Non Hazardous. Stock as ordinary chemicals. Wear Protective goggles and gloves while using. And avoid direct contact with skin and eyes. Soap clean if the skin is contaminated.

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