Optical brightener DMS-X

Product Name: Optical Brightener DMS-X
Chemical Name: 4,4′-bis(2-disulfonic acid styryl) biphenyl
C.I. NO.: 71
CAS NO.: 16090-02-1
Molecular Formula: C40H38N12O8S2Na2
Molecular Weight: 924.93
Synonyms: Tinopal DMS, Leucophor PAM (Clariant), Blankophor MBBH, OBA 71, FBA 71,
Application: Widely used in whitening of synthetic detergents liquid/powder, soaps and other homecare cleaning product etc.

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1. Properties of Optical Brightener DMS-X

Appearance: Off-white Granules
Shade/Tone: Blue-Violet
Ionity: Anion.
Max UV Absorption Wavelength: 350nm
Max UV Emission Wavelength: 442nm
Content of water-insoluble impurities ≤1%
Moisture content ≤ 5%
Insoluble in chlorinated hydrocarbons, but dispersible therein
Stable in Acid, alkali, sodium hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide, etc.

2. Synonyms / Alternative

Tinopal DMS, Leucophor PAM (Clariant), Blankophor MBBH, OBA 71, FBA 71,

3. Features

Optical brightener DMS is a DSD acid class whitening suitable for synthetic detergent, soap, and washing powders. It can also be used in dying industries. It has good fastness in chloride bleaching, acid, and perborate than VBL. And the competitive cost also makes it a very popular choice as a detergent optical brightener.

4. Application and recommended dosage:

DMS can be used in the detergent industry, for synthetic detergents, and soap, also suitable for fabrics like cotton fiber, nylon, polyester fiber, polyamide, vinylon, also has good whitening effect on casein fiber and amide plastic.

Optical brightener DMS-X is suitable for detergent and used in washing powder, liquid, and soaps.
Suitable for cotton, Nylon, artificial fiber, polyamide, vinylon, protein fiber, and amino plastics.

The water solubility of DMS-X is lower than VBL, make a 10% solution with hot water and avoid sunshine. the dosage in washing powder is 0.1-0.5%, and in the dyeing industry is 0.1-0.3%.

5. Packing & storage:

20kg, 25 kg in kraft paper bags.
Stored in a cool, dry, and ventilated place, the storage term should not exceed 2 years.

6. Transportation and Safty

Avoid inversion, sunlight, moisture, and crash. Avoid damaging the package.
Non Hazardous. Stock as ordinary chemicals. Wear Protective goggles and gloves while using. And avoid direct contact with skin and eyes. Soap clean if the skin is contaminated.

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