Optical brightener ERI-L

C.I. No. 199

CAS NO.: 13001-39-3

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Optical brighteners ERI-L for polyester whitening


C.I. No. 199

CAS NO.: 13001-39-3

Main ingredient: stilbene derivative



Appearance Light yellow dispersion
Ionicity Non-ionic
Shade Violet
Solubility Dispersible in water
PH(1%aq.sol.) 5.0-7.0
Alternative Blankophor ER 330 (Bayer); Ultraphor RN (BASF)



High whiteness and fluorescence, excellent fastness to light, wash and sublimation.



For whitening and brightening of polyester and polyester blended fabrics.



Pad-dyeing hot-melt method

Rate of use: 1-3g/L

Process: two-bath two-pad ( pick-up rate 70%) → pre-baking (100℃)→baking (180-200℃, 20-30s)

Note: scouring is needed, in case remain alkali on fabric


High-temperature exhaust dyeing

ERI-L rate of use: 0.2-0.3% ( o.w.f); bath ratio: 1:10-30;

Process: 120-130℃, 30-60min → wash → parch →finalize

PH: 5-10 ( weak acid bath better )


Package & storage

Plastic barrel, n.w. 25kg or 50kg.

Shelf life: 6months at room temperature in closed containers.