optical brightener masterbatches

The optical brighteners masterbatches

masterbatch is a concentrated mixture of pigments and additives blended and extruded together in a carrier matrix, such as resin or wax. The additives may be used for coloring (a “color masterbatch”) or for imparting other properties (an “additive masterbatch”). The typical alternative to using a masterbatch is to compound the plastic from raw undiluted additives. Optical brighteners masterbatches are widely used in order to improve the whiteness and brightness of the plastics.

1. The optical brighteners in color masterbatches

Color masterbatch consists of three basic elements: pigment or dye, carrier, and additives. They are mainly used in plastic products to achieve the effect of different colors.

By using a certain amount of optical brighteners, the color masterbathes will look more brightening and brilliant in color.

2. The optical brighteners in white masterbatches

White masterbatches are widely applied from simple injection molding applications to multi-layer film with a concentration of up to 70 % titanium dioxide based on PE, PP carrier polymer.

By using a certain amount of optical brighteners, the white masterbatches will improve whiteness and brightness.

3. The optical brightening masterbatches

Whitening masterbatches, also called optical brightening masterbatches or brightener masterbatches. It consists of highly concentrated optical brighteners, carriers, and additives. The main function is to add whiteness and brightness to the white and transparent plastics in blow Moulding, Injection Moulding, Flim grade, Non-woven grade, etc.

As the dosage of optical brightener is very small, When used, a certain amount is taken and mixed into the material before plastic molding to achieve the purpose of coloring and whitening, which is quite convenient. And reduce the dust, greatly improve the working environment.

optical brightener masterbatches
optical brightener masterbatches

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