FAQ of optical brighteners

Fluorescent whitening agent for film blowing

Film blowing is a production process of plastic. In the cruel market competition, many manufacturers can no longer afford the high costs. The only way to reduce costs is to use recycled materials mixed with new materials to gain a larger profit margin. But the customer’s requirements are also very strict, the whiteness value of recycled material can not be compared with the new material. Hence, it is necessary to add the fluorescent whitening agent for the blown film to solve the problem.

film blowing

Plastic blown film is produced at high temperatures. While we know the plastic products will appear yellow, dark in high temperatures. In this case, the fluorescent whitening agent for plastic blown film should meet the following two points. 1, environmental tasteless, does not affect the transparency of the product; 2, weathering to be good, later can not precipitate yellowing. In summary, fluorescent whitening agent ob is a plastic whitening agent for blown film.

    Fluorescent whitening agent ob is a light yellow powder. The use of temperature is within 240 ℃. The whitening and brightening effect is significant, good stability, heat resistance, sunlight resistance, high weather resistance, and light transmission rate is good, will not affect the transparency of the film. If you want to choose a good whitening effect and excellent stability of the plastic blown film whitening agent, whitening agent ob is your good choice!