optical brightener for footwear material
FAQ of optical brighteners

How to choose a fluorescent whitening agent for footwear materials.

Fluorescent whitening agent KCB is now widely used in EVA foam shoe materials or footwear materials, considering the stability of the fluorescent whitening agent:

optical brightener for footware materials
fluorescent whitening agent for footwear materials
  1. OB-1 has a high market share, but its most unfavorable feature is that it is unstable and will separate out.

2. FP-127 has an excellent whitening effect, but it is not durable, the shoes are made and sold in a long cycle. If the stability is not good enough, it will cause great economic loss to the shoe factory.

3. KCB has long-lasting stability and excellent whitening effect, now the big shoe factories in Fujian and Guangzhou choose this fluorescent whitening agent.

Fluorescent whitening agent KCB technical specifics:

C.I.: 367
CAS NO.: 5089-22-5
Appearance: yellowish green crystalline powder
Melting point: 210-212℃
Solubility: insoluble in water, soluble in ordinary organic
Application: Widely used in whitening and brightening of
plastic films, molding materials, EVA foam, etc.

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