Phthalocyanine Green 7

Phthalocyanine Green

  • C.I.Pigment Green 7
  • C.I.74260
  • CAS: 1328-53-6
  • Formula Weight: 1029-1127


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Other names:

Phthalo green, viridian hue, pigment green 7, fast green 7, copper phthalocyanine green, C.I. pigment green 7, non-flocculating green G, polychloro copper phthalocyanine, and C.I. 74260, copper hexadecachlorophthalocyanine

Physical and Chemical Properties

 Appearance  Dark Green Powder
 Shade Bluish Green Shade
 Bulk Density(lb/gal)  15.0-20.5
 Moisture(%)  ≤2
 Oil Absorption(ml/100g)  40±5
 Fineness(80 Mesh)(%)  ≤5
 PH Value  4.4-8.8


 Heat Fastness(℃) 200
 Light Fastness 8
 Acid Fastness 5
 Alkali Fastness 5
 Water Fastness 5
 Oil Fastness 5

Mainly used for paint/coating(including high-grade automobile primer, outdoor paint, and powder coating), inks, plastics, rubber, vanished cloth, and stationery.

Suitable for textile printing and silk dyeing

Packed in 25kgs Bag with Pallet