Impact Modifier CPE 135A

CPE-135A impact modifier

CAS number: 63231-66-3

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chlorinated polyethylene (CPE-135A)

Trade names and Synonyms:

CPE 135A, CPE 1135, CPE130A, CPE 135B, CPE352L, CPE 1401, CPE 1142,


CAS number: 63231-66-3

Appearance: white crystal powder


CPE-135A is a chlorinated polyethylene resin in white powder form. This resin, as impact modifier, has excellent multiple physical properties and good compatibility with PVC. It has excellent anti-flaming, weatherability, lower-temperature flexibility and impact strength, etc. In the right processing condition, a three-dimensional netted structure can be formed inside rigid PVC products with the resin. It has good impact resistance at normal and low temperature and is also corrosion-resistant to various acids and alkalis.

Technical index

Item Unit Index
Chlorine content 135A % 35±2
Heat stable time 165°C min ≥8
Volatile Matter content % ≤0.4
Tearing Strength Mpa ≥8.0
Fineness  26mesh % ≥99
Shore Hardness (A) % ≤65
Apparent Density g/ml3 ≥0.55
Ash Content % ≤4.5
Impurity Particle PC/10g < 3
Tensile elongation % ≥700


Used as an impact modifier of PVC profile, pipes, sheet, fittings, valves, CPVC pipes, profile fittings, and other rigid PVC/CPVC products. It can also be used as a toughening agent for ABS, CPVC, PP, PS plastics.

Packaging and storage 

25 kg per bag or as customer request.

transport as non-hazardous; store in a dry place.